30 September, 2010

Date Lost To Schiavone... 3rd Round, Toray Pan Pacific

Date lost to Schiavone yesterday, 3-6, 3-6... but never mind. She did her best and we're so proud of her performance in this tournament. What she achieved was great deal. She inspired us with her untiring efforts to overcome so many age-related difficulties. You should learn from this 40-year-old top athlete that there is sure a way out when you're having hardships just because you think you are too old to do something you want. She showed us with her super tennis "if there is a will there is a way. Do not ever blame your age for something unreturned."

Thank you so much Date.
We're all PROUD OF YOU.
Please don't forget that you have us all the way.
All our love for Date! We want to see your tennis until the world ends.
Go! Go! Date! Our Hero!

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