19 February, 2013

On your 52nd Birthday... I'm thinking about something.

1981, Tokyo, Hana Mandlikova

Should I say Happy Happy Birthday, Hana? or shold I say, don't get old any more, Hana? What do you think?  My hero turns to 52 today!!! (Yeah!!! Happy Birthday, Hana!) It's become a serious problem that I've been thinking about year by year. I don't want my Hana to get any old because I NEVER HAD A SINGLE CHANCE TO SEE HER YET in my life even though I spent most of the time being crazy about her. Can you believe that? Don't worry, even myself can not.. God... I should see her before she or I die. I KNOW I SHOULD!!!

My superstar Hana, 52 years ago, you were born on this planet earth, and in that isolated eastern part of the Europe, you were brought up and educated to be a great tennis player.  In a court, you were like a big typhoon that nobody could ever get away from. Nobody could ever turn their eyes from you, because you were so beautiful in your tennis, and you were sooooooo special in your style. Since your retirement in 1990, I have never got attracted to any other tennis player though I really wanted. Yeah! I desperately needed one! But actually there were no new hero to make me crazy enough to run after like I did to you.. 

Seemingly, God never listens to me no matter how many times I pray in this request that I want to see Hana and want her to hug me till my ribs break. Does God know that (not only Hana) I'm too getting old?  I'll turn to 48 this year on November, and I don't want to ever die before I accomplish my dream to see and kiss my Hana.

Hana, it was my dream to see you before you turn to 50. But now I reset the dream that I want to see you before you turn to 60 or before I die. I should go to Florida to see Hana anyway!!!

But what if my dream comes true???
I think I may have nothing to regret in my life and I may die happily in no time. The end.

Forget about my stupid talk, let's celebrate Hana's BD! Today is the special day for me and you and Hana. Hana, Happy Birthday. You are our eternal super super super star!!!
Forever our hero. Our hottest tennis legend. Lots of love.


19 May, 2012

22.12.2011 Trénink s Hanou Mandlíkovou

with Petra Kvitová

Hana really had paved the way to younger Czech players. Petra must have a lot to learn from Hana, especially when she wants to put more control into her back hand. Hana had splendid one with control and speed. I call it Czech bomb-back hand!!!  

Look at Hana! Look at her unfettered laughter.
I can tell that she enjoys being there most among all kids do in the court! And I love to see it so much. 


19 February, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hana!!! On your 50th, I thank to God for having such a superstar in my life.

Every step you made in the past, they are sooooo precious enough to inspire us to follow our dreams. You never know how much you mean to us. Happy Birthday, Hana. Our hearts always stay with you and think of you and your family. God bless you.


02 December, 2011

PetrKorda Interviews Hana Mandlikova In Bradenton! 2011

Legends: Petr Korda interviews Hana Mandlikova in Bradenton, FL

Isn't she kicking?
Hana's always like this: never put on some cheep air, always open-minded and frank. I love it so much especially when she's talking about tennis in this way.

25 October, 2011

Isn't It Cool? Hana Stays In My iphone Wallpaper!

I think my iphone has turned to be the most valuable and hottest one in the world to me. You are soooo go well with the "yellow" my fave color, Hana! Yay!

11 October, 2011

Can You Put Up With Being Stared By These Top Queens?

This photograph of three Wimbledon tennis Queens (Chris Evert, Virginia Wade, Martina Navratilova) during the women's Centenary presentation at last year's Championships was taken by contributing photographer Roy Peters and won for him the Courage Sports Photograph of the year award. Roy has also received an award in the nationwide Canon/UK Press Gazette Sports Photography competition. ("Tennis" May, 1985)

10 October, 2011

What's Wrong With You Girls???!!! We Need More Classic!

God... Excuse me... What's wrong with you girls???
I would definitely kill myself if my Hana had done the same thing you girls are doing here, being half-naked, holding a pose, or showing some pornographic smile with wet lips. No... No way. Not for my Hana Mandlikova. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying this be
cause I am the girl who's far less sexy than you, like I have no curves, no sexy dynamite boobs, or no long legs like Kate Moss.

Okay, call me a stupid old-school-type-amen-ass-hole. I swear to God, I don't belong to that Republican monsters, either. lol. Call me what you like, whatever! I don't care. I just don't really like what you girls are doing. Athlete should be athlete. You can't be supermodel or pornographic star at the same time. I know some of you are doing this for the need to encourage the popularity of tennis. You are wanted to. That way, you maybe doing great... I admit that. I adore you all. But still in my mind... there's some uncomfortable thing with it, coz you're doing it too
much... Yes. It's totally an "eyesore!"

Looking back 80's tennis legends, players like Navratilova or Mandlikova never wore sexy, more like erotic half-naked sport wear so that they were looking so sound and we could concentrate the game itself. That's what we want! That's what it better be.

But look at you, although you're screaming or exposing your skins and butts excessively in the court, you still call audiences to behave themselves, like, not to take pictures with flashes or keep quite. How can they be good??? How can they be ladies and gentlemen in the face of super sexy dynamites who's B & T parts are barely covered with a thin piece of cloth? And have you ever noticed that shitty cloth is almost blown away when you start jumping up and down in the court? ... You've gotta know this that you are the ones who're making them whim-wham!

Hana, I'm happy that I was born two decades earlier than these girls were. It's said that you were the sexiest tennis player of all time even you never wore a sport wear like slippy nightie or bikini-like. You always took the high road and attracted us with your passionate "tennis" itself not the outside appearance. We love the way you are so "classic" both in thinking and actions. You never disappointed us this way. How can we not miss you...

Do you remember how people described you?
It's pretty simple.

"Graceful as never."
I'm proud of you.

Hana Mandlikova, 1980, Tokyo

03 October, 2011

It's Your Day, Radwańska! You Made It!!! -Toray Pro Tennis 1, Oct, 2011

Radwanska overpowered Zvonareva 6-3, 6-2 to win the Pan Pacific Open
on her second title of the year.

It was sunny and little bit windy day, and it's definitely th
e day for tennis! I was in Ariake, Tokyo, to see this beautiful match that Radwanska made her victory. Sitting there watching her tennis was my happiest day in my holidays visiting my parents in Tokyo.
Since Hana's retirement, more than 20 years there's not much to amuse me in Tennis, but this Poland genius, all of a sudden, gets me back to stick to tennis again. Thanks to God, thanks to Agnieszka Roma Radwańska! I was in Ariake mainly beacause I wanted to see Petra Kvitova, Wimbledon winner this year, but she was defeated by Vera Zvonareva (RUS) 6-7, 0-6. It was a good game though, I mean its more thought-provoking. Kvitova even lead 5-1 in the first set, she was gradually reached by Zvonareva and was beaten finally. Zvonareva said that she never thought of giving it up. All she wanted to do was just to concentrate on doing her tennis all times so that led her winning. See? Tennis is certainly the most unpredictable sport than any others so that deadly attracted us. No matter how many games you led, you could be beaten finally. You can't let your eyes away even a minute, all you gotta do is trying to feel the "flow" of the game and follow it. Go with the flow given by God, then you would know what's waiting for you. Sure, either paying or watching tennis takes time like 2 or 3 hours out of your valuable day, but it could be so thrilling this way, huh?!

Anyway, let's talk about Radwanska. She's not from a kind of "power tennis" group. Her normal serve and stroke never make any other player scared her, but she has skillful technique in controlling ball. She's so capable in lobbing or making various types of shots, especially her drop shot is ARTFUL! While watching her, it often reminds me of an American tennis legend, Chris Evert. Chris wasn't a power tennis player but always confident in controlling the match with her stable tennis that Hana wasn't good at handling.
Comparing to Hana, Radwanska seems more consistent in tennis. Never gets too emotional, never gets yelling, never shows combative attitude to anybody on a court. She's so cool-headed and well mannered all the way. I mean she seems like so antithetical to Hana, while Hana has this special kind of aura and incredible star appeal like Navratilova so that attracted thousands tennis fans worldwide. Adding to Hana's various genius shots, having been born in such a small and closed country like Czechslovakia maybe one of the reasons that made her mysterious and attractive, like "oh, what's she gonna do next?" Hana always attracted people's attention even when she didn't want any. Sorry, you made us do so, Hana. You, were and are, so special to us with your "somethingness."

Of course, Hana also belongs to that group of "power tennis" especially since she changed her wood racket to steel. It's exciting to see PT, but sometimes its far joyful to see players who are not in that category proves still fully capable to beat or go neck and neck with the PT with one's witness and goodness in controlling balls. Because I fully believe that tennis is like life itself. Many lives, many tennis. Power never conquers everything.

Here she comes. That's Radwanska!!! Our new hero!

So sadly, Sharapova twisted her left ankle while serving in her eighth game in the first set against Petra Kvitova (CZE) on 29, Oct. She had no way to keep on playing so quit the whole match but she left the tennis fans her racket strings cut shortly as a gift. What a caring person she is! She always tries to care about the fans this way so that we all love her. Can you believe this? I was one of the lucky fans who got her racket strings! Yay!

10 July, 2011

"Hana’s Five Greatest Wimbledon Wins" - by Tripp from Georgia

As we celebrate another tournament at Wimbledon, it’s hard to forget some great victories by Hana Mandlikova during those championships. To most people Wimbledon represents tennis’ greatest prize. Though Hana did not win it, the lone grand slam to elude her, she did make her presence felt there and belongs amongst its storied tennis history.

The odd thing about Hana not winning Wimbledon is that it was played on a surface tailor made for her game. She won on clayat the French, cement at the U.S. Open, and on Australian grass twice. One of Wimbledon’s all time great champions, Billie Jean King, once had this to say about Hana at Wimbledon: “Hana is a good conditions player.” That meant that when the weather was warm and sunny and the courts were dry so that the balls were lighter and flew through the air, Hana was a real threat. But as happens all too often (for some) at the All England Club, conditions are quite often damp, soggy, and heavy. King’s theory seems to be correct when you consider that Hana’s greatest runs at Wimbledon in 1981, 1984, and 1986 were all accomplished during some of the best weather conditions experienced there. Constrastly, her earliest exits came in 1982, 1983, and 1985 which were some of Wimbledon’s worst as far as rain is concerned.

As we watch the Championships unfold, here are what I consider to be Hana’s five greatest wins at Wimbledon……….

1)  1979 3rd Round defeated Regina Marsikova (13) 6-3, 6-2

At this point in time, Marsikova was the Czech’s top ranked player and had just reached the French Open semifinal. Seeded 13th Marsikova was expected to beat Hana who was playing in her first Wimbledon. But Hana proved to be the better player on the day on her way to a 4th round matchup with none other than six time Wimbledon champ, Billie Jean King. In Hana’s first Center Court clash, she pushed King enough to leave the champion impressed and wary of her younger Czech opponent. Hana would win two matches against King during her career and lose two including this one.

A Press Photo of Regina Marsikova in 1976

2) 1981 QF defeated Wendy Turnbull (6) 6-0, 6-0

With devastating power and accuracy, Hana as reigning French Open champ, crushed the world’s sixth best player and three time grand slam finalist, Turnbull in barely over half an hour. Wendy always proved to be a difficult opponent for Hana with her speed and great court strategy. But on this day Wendy was left powerless as Hana blasted winners from all points of the court while making only two errors. The match was played on old Court One and was over before some in the crowd had settled into their seats. Wendy went on to become Hana’s best and most consistent doubles partner from 1985 through 1987. Together they won numerous titles and reached the finals of Wimbledon and the U.S. Opens in 1986. That year, they also won the Virginia Slims Championships together defeating Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver along the way.

3) 1981 SF defeated Martina Navratilova (4) 7-5, 4-6, 6-1

Before this tournament began there was a seeding controversy. Wimbledon decided to seed Hana second since she had won two consecutive grand slam events behind Chris Evert. Martina, a two time Wimbledon champ, was seeded all the way down at 4th. Martina took exception to this and said so publicly. So there was a lot of anticipation in the build up to this meeting between Czechs. Hana won going away in the third set as Martina’s confidence dwindled. It proved to be the last loss suffered by Martina at Wimbledon until the 1988 final as she went on to win six consecutive titles, including a finals win over Hana in 1986. But this day was Hana’s day to reign surpreme.

4) 1984 QF defeated Jo Durie 6-1, 6-4

As Hana entered Wimbledon 1984, she was still the only player to defeat Martina that year and had just taken the defending champion to three sets in Paris. Everyone from Bud Collins on down expected that if anyone was going to defeat Martina in the Wimbledon final, it was going to be Hana. But Hana’s path was a difficult one to negotiate. She defeated a future semifinalist in Lindqvist, perennial grand slam challenger, Sukova, and Great Britain’s top female player, Jo Durie. Durie had already reached both the French and U.S. Open semifinals. Hana, usually very popular at Wimbledon, had to play against both Durie and the crowd in this quarterfinal match. Sensing this could be a tough one, Hana sprang to an early lead and closed out the first set handily, 6-1. In the second, she withstood a charge fromDurie and broke at 4-4 in the second set before serving out the match in style. Though Hana lost in the SF to Chris Evert, Hana had re-established herself as a threat to win this most coveted title.

5) 1986 SF defeated Chris Evert (2) 7-6, 7-5

In defeating long time nemesis, Evert, Hana achieved one of the greatest victories of her career. And considering that Chris had just won her seventh French title, this might be her greatest win at Wimbledon overall. Neither set started out well for Hana as she fell behind 5-2 in each of them. But she wasn’t missing by much and Hana’s shots soon started finding the court. During the first set tiebreak Chris had a look on her face that indicated that she knew she might be in trouble. With a thunderous backhand passing shot and with some acrobatic volleying Hana closed out the first set tiebreak seven points to five. During the middle of Hana’s second set comeback, she won an astonishing FOURTEEN consecutive points against the consistent and steady Evert. All were won on either outright winners or errors forced by Hana. The streak of tennis was so spectacular that the British called that momentous fourteen point streak “the purple patch.” Afterwards, Chris conceded that Hana should play Martina in the finals because she played better. Despite Hana’s brilliant start against Martina in the finals she succumbed to the great champion in two tight sets. But this win will always rank as my personal favorite win for Hana on famed Center Court.


Thank you so much for this beautiful contribution, Tripp.
I appreciate it.

03 July, 2011

Way To Go! Czech! We've Waited For This Awesome Moment!!!

Petra Kvitová smiling at the audience with her winning trophy after defeating Maria Sharapova (Russia) 6-3, 6-4!

Finally, a new Czech tennis star conquered Wimbledon!
Oh, Petra... dont make us waiting such loooong time for this, but you finally made it that our Hana never could and we're sooo happy for you. God! We have to celebrate for it. Anybody, just stop by and have a drink at my place! Today is the day for Cezch's new hero!!!

Go, go, go, Czech!

14 June, 2011

The Latest Hana News - "Mandlikova Harassed Lendl!" Not me! Says Aha! ...

5, June, 2011, in Prostejov

Hana, I jumped with joy when I found this photo and the article about you in Aha! online today, because it's been quite a long time since we last heard about you. Aha... You were in Prostejov in Czech to play doubles with Ivan Lendl against Jana Novotona and Milos Mecir. I kicked Google application to translate this Czech to English trying to know how you enjoyed the game, and then what I got is this... that you harassed Lendle on the court... Oh, my God... lol, lol, lol...

It says, "No respect for the older, was angry at him like a rabbit hunt. "Your ball! You! Your "one-piece called Hana Mandlikova (49) to partner Ivan Lendl (51)." "Two Czech tennis legends gathered on one side of the court in an exhibition doubles match for their opponents in Prostejov was Jana Novotna (42), Milos and Sword (47).

"Hank (Hana) chasing me terribly," Lendl sued. All four have shown that tennis forget. "The body remembers it. Move it there is not much, but the hammer is not a problem, " she said Mandlikova. The younger couple Lendl eventually succumbed 6-7.

"I enjoyed it too," beamed Novotná and rushed to the plane to Paris. Today, it waits for French Open final tournament of legends alongside Martina Navratilova." (Google Translation)


Do you think it's funny translation?

Oh, no. I can tell it's much better than my pig English.

Let me thank God for this beautiful moment sharing these photos with all Hana freaks.
Hana, watching you chasing a ball like a little kid is our blissful joy. We wish we can share this moment for all time. Please don't forget that we always love you. ALWAYS.


A Memory of Avon Championship Tennis - Hana Mandlikova


It was at the Marriott Marco Island Resort in the early 1980s that Hana Mandlikova talked with renowned tennis broadcaster/writer Bud Collins during the Avon Championships held as part of the Women’s Tennis Association pro tour. (ref. marconews.com)


13 June, 2011

David Cuba! You know what? You're the super super happiest tennis freak on this planet!!! Who are with you???

1, July, 2005 / David Cuba with Hana Mandlikvoa in Wimbledon
Hey, David, I'm jealous... I'm totally jealous... of you being with our Hana Mandlikova, no matter if you say that you accidentally encountered her. My God... look at you, David, do you really know what you're doing to her? Do you? You're putting your hand around her waist!!! And you're smiling at the camera with her doing the same for you... Even more, she's, too, putting her right hand on your shoulder... Oh, my God... how can I not jealous of it???? Tell me... You know what? She made her glorious days with this very right hand: the winner of French Open in 1981 and so as in US Open in 1985, Wimbledon runner-up in 1981, two time winner of Australian Open in 1980 and 1987... Just countless!!! See? She really made her days with this right hand, and that right hand goes straightly rubbing your shoulder... I..., I, I swear to God that I've been the craziest fan of her more than 30 years but never had the chance like this!!! NEVER!!! I wish I go rush off to London just to stand between you and her. lol

Hahahahaha.... sorry for being bitching you at the above, David. I didn't really mean to pick this on you (I know you know that). No way! Now I got my nerve back and I want to show my great appreciation to you for letting me upload this beautiful photo of you and Hana here in my Blog with lots of envy and jealousy(^^).

Actually what amazed me most is that Hana was looking so relax and you could even feel closer to her than ever. I've never seen her smiling this way, honestly, maybe because she never thought this pic would be in the public and that made her smile this way. No protection and no pretending, and no gurard. She's real Hana Mandlikova: friendly, affable, and adorable!

There's no doubt. David, you are the happiest man on this ugly planet to have this beautiful tennis legend standing on your next, JUST FOR YOU. Congratulation! You god your shot and I know that all tennis fans of 80's congratulate you as much as I do to you.

So, anyone who had the same beautiful encounter with Hana like David did, let me know how it was like, how you felt about it, and how you made it. Make me bleeding jealous of your Hana pic! Bring it on! I'M ALWAYS READY FOR IT. lol, lol, lol!

Thanks, David for your BEAUTIFUL contribution.



25 May, 2011

Hana enjoyed her leisure time.


I dont know when or where this pic was taken, but this is definitely beautiful. She was young and full of energy smiling at us. Don't you think she's gorgeous even outside the tennis court? Oh, yeah! She really is!!!


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