19 February, 2013

On your 52nd Birthday... I'm thinking about something.

1981, Tokyo, Hana Mandlikova

Should I say Happy Happy Birthday, Hana? or shold I say, don't get old any more, Hana? What do you think?  My hero turns to 52 today!!! (Yeah!!! Happy Birthday, Hana!) It's become a serious problem that I've been thinking about year by year. I don't want my Hana to get any old because I NEVER HAD A SINGLE CHANCE TO SEE HER YET in my life even though I spent most of the time being crazy about her. Can you believe that? Don't worry, even myself can not.. God... I should see her before she or I die. I KNOW I SHOULD!!!

My superstar Hana, 52 years ago, you were born on this planet earth, and in that isolated eastern part of the Europe, you were brought up and educated to be a great tennis player.  In a court, you were like a big typhoon that nobody could ever get away from. Nobody could ever turn their eyes from you, because you were so beautiful in your tennis, and you were sooooooo special in your style. Since your retirement in 1990, I have never got attracted to any other tennis player though I really wanted. Yeah! I desperately needed one! But actually there were no new hero to make me crazy enough to run after like I did to you.. 

Seemingly, God never listens to me no matter how many times I pray in this request that I want to see Hana and want her to hug me till my ribs break. Does God know that (not only Hana) I'm too getting old?  I'll turn to 48 this year on November, and I don't want to ever die before I accomplish my dream to see and kiss my Hana.

Hana, it was my dream to see you before you turn to 50. But now I reset the dream that I want to see you before you turn to 60 or before I die. I should go to Florida to see Hana anyway!!!

But what if my dream comes true???
I think I may have nothing to regret in my life and I may die happily in no time. The end.

Forget about my stupid talk, let's celebrate Hana's BD! Today is the special day for me and you and Hana. Hana, Happy Birthday. You are our eternal super super super star!!!
Forever our hero. Our hottest tennis legend. Lots of love.


19 May, 2012

22.12.2011 Trénink s Hanou Mandlíkovou

with Petra Kvitová

Hana really had paved the way to younger Czech players. Petra must have a lot to learn from Hana, especially when she wants to put more control into her back hand. Hana had splendid one with control and speed. I call it Czech bomb-back hand!!!  

Look at Hana! Look at her unfettered laughter.
I can tell that she enjoys being there most among all kids do in the court! And I love to see it so much. 


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