23 September, 2010

Hana Mandlikova in Avon Tennis Championship, 1981! Here are two beautiful original press photos!

Photo by Dom Najolia

Photo by Bob Langer

You know what? I can't survive without ebay auction, I swear.
They always give me chances to see and obtain 80's Hana and I'm so happy about it. Would you just take a look at these two beautiful original press photos (Chicago Sun-Times) I got? Don't you feel something special? Special moments in 80s that rocked your world?

Please don't ever forget this beautiful tennis player.
Remember her any time you see tennis.
Tell people that there was an incredibly beautiful tennis player in 80's, who's from Czechslovakia and rocked this world. Please don't forget Hana Mandlikova, this beautiful wild flower.

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