10 October, 2011

What's Wrong With You Girls???!!! We Need More Classic!

God... Excuse me... What's wrong with you girls???
I would definitely kill myself if my Hana had done the same thing you girls are doing here, being half-naked, holding a pose, or showing some pornographic smile with wet lips. No... No way. Not for my Hana Mandlikova. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying this be
cause I am the girl who's far less sexy than you, like I have no curves, no sexy dynamite boobs, or no long legs like Kate Moss.

Okay, call me a stupid old-school-type-amen-ass-hole. I swear to God, I don't belong to that Republican monsters, either. lol. Call me what you like, whatever! I don't care. I just don't really like what you girls are doing. Athlete should be athlete. You can't be supermodel or pornographic star at the same time. I know some of you are doing this for the need to encourage the popularity of tennis. You are wanted to. That way, you maybe doing great... I admit that. I adore you all. But still in my mind... there's some uncomfortable thing with it, coz you're doing it too
much... Yes. It's totally an "eyesore!"

Looking back 80's tennis legends, players like Navratilova or Mandlikova never wore sexy, more like erotic half-naked sport wear so that they were looking so sound and we could concentrate the game itself. That's what we want! That's what it better be.

But look at you, although you're screaming or exposing your skins and butts excessively in the court, you still call audiences to behave themselves, like, not to take pictures with flashes or keep quite. How can they be good??? How can they be ladies and gentlemen in the face of super sexy dynamites who's B & T parts are barely covered with a thin piece of cloth? And have you ever noticed that shitty cloth is almost blown away when you start jumping up and down in the court? ... You've gotta know this that you are the ones who're making them whim-wham!

Hana, I'm happy that I was born two decades earlier than these girls were. It's said that you were the sexiest tennis player of all time even you never wore a sport wear like slippy nightie or bikini-like. You always took the high road and attracted us with your passionate "tennis" itself not the outside appearance. We love the way you are so "classic" both in thinking and actions. You never disappointed us this way. How can we not miss you...

Do you remember how people described you?
It's pretty simple.

"Graceful as never."
I'm proud of you.

Hana Mandlikova, 1980, Tokyo

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