31 October, 2010

Hana's Last Wimbledon in 1989. Who knew it was her last try... It really was the nightmare for me.

I always say to my friends and my family that I'm the happiest person to have encountered and enjoyed the 80's tennis headed by Hana Mandlikova. But I can't help feeling some emptiness as years go by. My sadness never let go of me... It's not because she never won Wimbledon, it's because I will never share this fantastic real moment with my superstar again. Now I have nothing, but just sitting back on my couch and watching Hana's old DVD matches's become the only entertainment to please me. And every time I watch them, I can't help but cry missing Hana at least once a day. Don't call me A freak, just call me a Hana Freak! That's who I was born to be.
God, please tell me why I haven't been able to get another superstar after Hana Mandlikova for over 30 years? Why haven't I got strongly attracted by one of others? I know there've been so many tennis hotties blooming in waves in tennis court. Why, for me, it's always been Hana Mandlikova? Why aren't I into those beauty powers of Russian tennis? ... I just dont know...

All I know is... I have to go with my sadness for the rest of my life. Yes, I have to go with this empty feeling of never-coming-back Hana Mandlikova in my life again. Oh, Damn it! What I'm writing about... Forget it! I'm too sensitive today. Better quit it now...

I won these photos in ebay auction by the way.
Yes, you know how cool they are!

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