28 September, 2010

Oh, my God... Date Krumm wins again... 3rd Round, Toray Pan Pacific

Oh, God... I'm trembling... I fear God...
Our Date Krumm wins again. She beats world's ranked 26th Hantuchová 2-6, 6-0, 4-0 (Hantuchová dropped out the match). Oh...my... I totally lost words when I heard the news... Oh, I pray for God... Please, please, please let us be with Date all the way to the end of the tournament.

Date, Happy happy birthday to you.
You're giving all of us a wonderful moment on your 40th birthday. Do you ever know that you're the most incredible athlete on this beautiful planet??? Do you t
hink that anyone could ever make it after an absence of 11 years? Oh, No... No... Even Martina could not ever make it, I swear! It's so obvious.
Date, you're amazing. We're sooooooooooo proud of you! Proud to be born as a Japanese and a tennis lover.


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