29 June, 2009

English Translation of "TK Sparta Praha Hana Mandlikova"

Isn't she lovely? I love Hana smiling in training wear.
Yesterday, I've received a beautiful e-mail from Czech friend named Tom Pavlica, and he offered me this wonderful English translation of the video that I introduced here last time ("TK Sparta Praha Hana Mandlikova" by PETRLUXA). I screamed like "someone help me understand what Hana's saying here~~~~!!!" Then Tom appeared like a knight and helped me figure it out. Isn't it so sweet??? I pay a big respect to somebody who can do this selfless thing to somebody at anytime. Thank you so much, Tom, my dear!

Tom said that when he was child like 12, Hana was young and pretty, so that he too fell in love with her especially when he saw Hana smiling at court. And he's still in love with Hana! God, see? everybody can't stop loving this cute superstar from Czechslovakia!!! I know how he's been thinking about Hana. It's exactly the way I've been. We've hopelessly been in this pure crazy admiration hell for Hana, no matter if the earth starts turnning opposite way. Call it a fate.

I'm jealous of everyone of Czech people. 'Cos they can understand Hana. Hana shows up in Czech media lot more than any other country. She speaks Czech, then non Czech speaker, like me, would be totally lost... But Tom said he would love to help me if I scream again like "help me again~" anyway. I think I'll count on him.

Or should I learn Czech? What do you think? I, this over 40 woman, starting learning Czech? It maybe laughable. God... It's totally an adventure! I've heard that Czech is as much difficult as Russian. I think I shouldn't start it without some iron-will. Right now, I'm not confident of it at all. I don't know...


※Tom, as for your request, I put Hana's image to Český Wikipedia. Also, I put it to every International Wikipedia such as Nederlands, Deutsch, Espanol, Norsk, Polski, Suomi, Chinese, etc... It's FUN! I want people to remember her graceful appearance for good.


English Translation dedicated by Tom Pavlica

HM : Hi, I am Hana Mandlikova and I came back to Sparta Tennis Club where, actually, I grew up. Also Martina Navratilova and Helena Sukova grew up here, and we were super team. I haven´t been here for many years and I can say that this place (Sparta) is a lot better now; there are such conditions for tennis that you can´t find anywhere else, not even in tennis clubs in the States, and I can recommend to children and parents to come here and look at it here and to see these tennis-encouraging conditions with their own eyes.

Q : What do you think a good tennis club should have?

HM : At least ten courts, definitely, and you can find them here, at least three indoor courts, you can also find them here at Sparta, good rehab and relax centre, good coaches and instructors, and I can guarantee that all this you can find here at Sparta. And also, parents support, I must say.

Q : You are an experienced person, you have seen a lot of tennis clubs around the world. Can you say that Sparta is comparable with the best of them?

HM : Let me put it that way : There are not such tennis clubs in the States, which is pity, because there are not such conditions for tennis; there are country clubs, where I, as a parent, must bring kids in and out, and if I don´t care, they do not play tennis.

It is an advantage here: they have a park aside, they have great courts here, indoor courts, simply all they need. I wish it would be the same in the States, but it is not, so I think that we will spend more time with our kids here, not only during summers, but even winters.

Q : Thank you.

HM : You´re welcome.



One word more.

To someone who's Hana's life partner,
You should make her go in a good diet.
You should do it for us!
We want our Hana to make it to 100!
You're the one who's with her all the time.
So you've gotta do it!
Go take care of her, please.
I don't want to see her dying of metabolic syndrome.
I'm worried...

- etsuko209

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