30 June, 2009

Hana Is Playing Invitation Doubles In Wimbledon Today!

Hana Mandlikova in Wimbledon 2008

My dear friend, Andrew (USA) who's a huge fan of Martina, has just informed me that Hana is playing doubles in Wimbledon as a senior player TODAY! Can you believe this? She's showing up today! He said that Hana is going to play with Jo Durie against Tracy Austin, and Kathy Rinaldi. Isn't it fun? It's worth watching! You should not ever miss it!

Thank you so much, Andrew, my friend!
You know what? Your notice totally makes me fall into raptures.
It's, like, I conquered this entire world!

And I think your Martina Web is so mint!
I wanna make an tennis ally with you.

Now! We all go cheer for Hana Mandlikova in Wimbledon!!!
(Court 4, 12:00 starts)

Game, Set and Match, Martina!

※If anybody take photos or videos of Hana there, please please please let me show them. I'm dying to see our Hana!!! God, I wish I could go to Wimbledon!

Result : T. Austin & K. Rinaldi Stunkel def. H. Mandlikova & Jo Durie 6-1, 6-0



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