31 July, 2008

Hana Kisses Jana! Don't You Think It's Kool and Hot? (4/July/2008)

Go click this hot Aha!
God..., I just want somebody to help me out. Anybody who can make me understand what this hit Aha writes about them? I wish I could read Czech... Actually, I love these hot shots. Aren't they so cool and hot? This is from Aha!, one of the coolest sites that covers the entertainment in Czech (maybe). Just go visit there, if you wanna have some hot. Am I allowed to say more? Hana Mandlikova kisses Jana Novotna. So what? Okay, they should have get married. Who cares?! This is her life. Let her do what she thinks is right. One word more, I love Hana's plumpy backshot. Kills me... So cute!

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