02 August, 2008

Hana Celebrates The Publication Of Biography On Jan Kodeš (20/Dec/2006)

Hot again! I'm dying to know what it's all about...gosh! You did again, AHA! I love your scheme. You're challenging me, aren't you? You try to make me lost in the forest of Czech words...
I found it a few months ago, but I still really don't understand what they're doing. Maybe they had a launch party, in Praha, in honor of the publication of biography on Jan Kodeš, a former tennis legend in Czech. I know that Jan Kodeš was Hana's first hero. She grew up watching him. For me two of them are just SO-HERO. Not only for Czech, but for the whole tennis world!

Just take a look at our hero Hana. She feels relaxed on a cozy chair with a beer in her hand. Long legs gracefully crossed and so simply dressed in black and white. Especially her black winklepickers, don't you reckon Hana definately know how to rock it? I love it! I just love the way she dresses. I remember she never dresses like jazzy and showy, though she is a rich celebrity. That's the Hana! It sets her apart from other smart-aleck tennis hotties. We love her for that.

Here is another hot site that our Hana celebrating the publication. Xantypa - www.xantypa.cz made it! Look at our Hana looking tenderly that little girl.

Just go visit this beautiful site in Czech!

There must be more beautiful site like this on Hana in Czech.

(I know warm Czech people pay more respect for Hana Mandlikova than any other place in the world. Lovely people.) We should dig them out.


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