30 July, 2008

I started this Hana things, because...

Because I was so disgusted about the fact that there is only one video related to Hana in Youtube, and there wasn't no proper Hana Fan Site on internet... however there are many Martina's and others. This is kind of a huge shocking thing for me when I found it a few months ago. I just couldn't stand it. Hana Mandlikova had contributed so many things in the tennis world. Not only as an honorable tennis player, but also as a successful coach. What she's made in this field is just HUGE!!! She kept on challenging this two tennis monsters (Martina & Evert) and that gave us so much exciting moments. Just look what she's done. Hana ended Martina's 54 consecutive winning in Aussie Open '84, and also Evert's 72 on clay in French Open '81.

 Oh, my God, everytime Hana raised to break this tennis monsters, we got ××××ing CREAMED!!! Made us extremely EXCITING!!! We should never forget this. We should thank for Hana Mandlikova. Who could ever replace Hana? Who could ever be like Hana? Hana was the only one. Only one who could give us this pulse-pounding monent in women's tennis world in 80's! It meant a lot to us. Just consider the fact that media paid little attention to this great achievement, it's SOOOOOO disgusting. So I started this Hana things, and am sure to keep on doing this. You watch me.

To someone who said somewhere in a website, you think that I might be called Etsuko Inoue. I'm not Etsuko Inoue (she is a former tennis player in Japan). I'm just a woman in the street who's been grateful to Hana Mandlikova. But thanks anyway, I was so happy that you mentioned this Hana Blog in TENNIS FORUM. Thank you so much indeed. And you watch me. I'll get my English better little by little... etsuko209


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