27 September, 2010

Our Date Krumm Kimiko Beats Sharapova At Toray Pan Pacific!!!

Oh, my God... Oh, my God... What am I gonna do...???
Oh, my God...
Our Japanese No.1 tennis player Date Krumm beats Sharapova who's the defending champion and also the world's 15th ranked super tennis player. Oh, my God... The result was 7-5, 3-6, 6-3! Isn't it amazing????!!! Can you ever imagine this result? Can yo
u ever imagine this 39 year old, once retired tennis player, make it? Beat young dynamite Sharapova?

God! Date, I'm soooo proud of you. I'm soooo proud of you!!!
I go home and get some drink to celebrate the winning. Oh,
my God... You're really our inspiration. It's miracle! Date you made it, and we're sooo pround of you!!! You are our dearest darling! No doubt the Tennis Legend of Japan!

Go! Date! We know you can win the third round tomorrow!!!

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