28 March, 2009

New Video! Hana Mandlikova - All She's Gotta Do is Just To Hit It In the Court! (Final of 1980 AO)

You watch this video! Hana got her first grand slam title in Australian Open in 1980. The runner-up is Wendy Turnbull. Hana, barely 18-years-old, is so cute! So dinamite! And so hilarious!


I'll make new comment on this clip later. Believe me.

For now, I have to go get shower and jump into bed and get some sleep.

Good night.

Here, I'm back again with wanna-say-something-urge on Wendy Turnbull, a former Australian top tennis player, who was the one that our Hana Mandlikova had played against some times in her tournament history.

When I was in Australia, back in 1978 to 80, Wendy Turnbull was like a heart-throb tennis athlete. So hot! As you know, this Australian-born tennis player was called "Rabbit" and literally she moved so fast and looked so cute on the court. Also, she was well known as well-mannered person that she was loved by lot of people in Australia and regarded as a Hero as far as I can remember.

We loved her so much! When she played against Hana Mandlikova, however I was a huge fan of Hana, I always wanted Wendy to play well against anybody, even to Hana.

But recently I've found her being SO FAT! How come it can happen? I just wanna know why she's put on so much weight to kill our fan's heart? It totally breaks our heart! It really does! I kid you not!

Did something huge tragic thing happen to her life so she's been eating so much to kill her pain? God, somebody please let me know. Give me a clue! You should help me out. Maybe I'd been too far away from her latest personal history.

There seems to have been nothing to bother her. She's got fame (inducted into the AUSTRALIAN Tennis Hall of Fame in 2009), she doesn't have to struggle to make a living, she can lead her life with no trouble as a tennis coach or something like that. Oh, wait! I might be wrong. Wendy's been so happy that she's relieved in eating and getting fat? God, I think she should control her weight, because she has so many fans. She should think about them. Don't you think?

I know our Hana Mandlikova's also put on a bit of a weight now as you can see. Honestly, I really want her to be on a diet and try to be in good shape for her family and for all the fans who's still adoring her so much.

You know, I don't mean that I want my superstar to be, like, what exactly she looked like as she was young, because it's IMPOSSIBLE! She retired from tennis circuit long time ago, gave birth to twins, and now she 's 47! No wonder she can't be the same. What I'm saying here is I just want her to be someone like who's SO HOT FOR HER AGE! SO FIT FOR HER AGE! So middle-aged-fans like us can think, like, "Oh, God, look at Hana! I can still make myself go," or " I'm not finished yet!" Yes! They truely have a magic to inspire us to follow our dreams, even they are not top athletes any more. Their well-balanced appearances encourages us a lot. Used-to-be-top-athletes should know this.

In closing, no matter how much weight she gained, Hana Mandlikova is my eternal Superstar notwithstanding..., you know that already, huh?

Rabbit - Wendy Turnbull


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