20 March, 2009

Hana Mandlikova T-shirts! - They cheer me up everyday, every moment!

I've been buried in work so bad these days. So Baaaaaaad!
This leathal work neally kills me everyday... Sometimes I wanna scream out, like, God, help me out of here! and just run away somewhere far away. I know I shouldn't complain about my piledup-work. Because there is no doubt that I am rather in a luckier situation than those who lost their jobs and totally had no idea what to do to dig their lives, due to this horrible economc crisis. Even many of brand-name college-educated businessmen in Wallstreet got fired all of a sudden. They led life like a winner till yesterday, but live like a loser today. Honestly, I feel so sorry for them. No matter what, I've got a job to survive! Thanks God!

In my miserable workaholic everyday, there comes my superstar!, Hana Mandlikova. Everytime when I come home, there she is in my room waiting for me. Hana's been the only one thing that obviously lighten my load, cheer me up. I swear, without her, there wouldn't be my life.
Look at this! I have a few clothes printed Hana's images on. Especially these T-shirts being hooked on the curtain rail are my favorite. Aren't they looking fascinating! I think I need more of these hooked in my room. Yes! More and more!
When my friends visit here, as soon as they find my Hana things they just start laughing at me and say that I'm hilarious whatsoever! They wonder why I cling so much to an old athlete, like, 30-years-ago tennis player. Poor my friends... God, forgive their sins... They just don't know this 80's tennis. They just had no idea how much it meant to us, attracted us all tennis fans enough to blow our mind. How much this Czech superstar Hana Mandlikova rocked this world along with Martina and Evert... So I gave them some lecture on tennis, and on Hana. It's kind of fun! And after the lecture, they always label me as a "Hana Freak"! Not a Tennis Freak!
Well, they can call me whatever they like.
I don't care.

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