03 October, 2011

It's Your Day, Radwańska! You Made It!!! -Toray Pro Tennis 1, Oct, 2011

Radwanska overpowered Zvonareva 6-3, 6-2 to win the Pan Pacific Open
on her second title of the year.

It was sunny and little bit windy day, and it's definitely th
e day for tennis! I was in Ariake, Tokyo, to see this beautiful match that Radwanska made her victory. Sitting there watching her tennis was my happiest day in my holidays visiting my parents in Tokyo.
Since Hana's retirement, more than 20 years there's not much to amuse me in Tennis, but this Poland genius, all of a sudden, gets me back to stick to tennis again. Thanks to God, thanks to Agnieszka Roma Radwańska! I was in Ariake mainly beacause I wanted to see Petra Kvitova, Wimbledon winner this year, but she was defeated by Vera Zvonareva (RUS) 6-7, 0-6. It was a good game though, I mean its more thought-provoking. Kvitova even lead 5-1 in the first set, she was gradually reached by Zvonareva and was beaten finally. Zvonareva said that she never thought of giving it up. All she wanted to do was just to concentrate on doing her tennis all times so that led her winning. See? Tennis is certainly the most unpredictable sport than any others so that deadly attracted us. No matter how many games you led, you could be beaten finally. You can't let your eyes away even a minute, all you gotta do is trying to feel the "flow" of the game and follow it. Go with the flow given by God, then you would know what's waiting for you. Sure, either paying or watching tennis takes time like 2 or 3 hours out of your valuable day, but it could be so thrilling this way, huh?!

Anyway, let's talk about Radwanska. She's not from a kind of "power tennis" group. Her normal serve and stroke never make any other player scared her, but she has skillful technique in controlling ball. She's so capable in lobbing or making various types of shots, especially her drop shot is ARTFUL! While watching her, it often reminds me of an American tennis legend, Chris Evert. Chris wasn't a power tennis player but always confident in controlling the match with her stable tennis that Hana wasn't good at handling.
Comparing to Hana, Radwanska seems more consistent in tennis. Never gets too emotional, never gets yelling, never shows combative attitude to anybody on a court. She's so cool-headed and well mannered all the way. I mean she seems like so antithetical to Hana, while Hana has this special kind of aura and incredible star appeal like Navratilova so that attracted thousands tennis fans worldwide. Adding to Hana's various genius shots, having been born in such a small and closed country like Czechslovakia maybe one of the reasons that made her mysterious and attractive, like "oh, what's she gonna do next?" Hana always attracted people's attention even when she didn't want any. Sorry, you made us do so, Hana. You, were and are, so special to us with your "somethingness."

Of course, Hana also belongs to that group of "power tennis" especially since she changed her wood racket to steel. It's exciting to see PT, but sometimes its far joyful to see players who are not in that category proves still fully capable to beat or go neck and neck with the PT with one's witness and goodness in controlling balls. Because I fully believe that tennis is like life itself. Many lives, many tennis. Power never conquers everything.

Here she comes. That's Radwanska!!! Our new hero!

So sadly, Sharapova twisted her left ankle while serving in her eighth game in the first set against Petra Kvitova (CZE) on 29, Oct. She had no way to keep on playing so quit the whole match but she left the tennis fans her racket strings cut shortly as a gift. What a caring person she is! She always tries to care about the fans this way so that we all love her. Can you believe this? I was one of the lucky fans who got her racket strings! Yay!

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