14 June, 2011

The Latest Hana News - "Mandlikova Harassed Lendl!" Not me! Says Aha! ...

5, June, 2011, in Prostejov

Hana, I jumped with joy when I found this photo and the article about you in Aha! online today, because it's been quite a long time since we last heard about you. Aha... You were in Prostejov in Czech to play doubles with Ivan Lendl against Jana Novotona and Milos Mecir. I kicked Google application to translate this Czech to English trying to know how you enjoyed the game, and then what I got is this... that you harassed Lendle on the court... Oh, my God... lol, lol, lol...

It says, "No respect for the older, was angry at him like a rabbit hunt. "Your ball! You! Your "one-piece called Hana Mandlikova (49) to partner Ivan Lendl (51)." "Two Czech tennis legends gathered on one side of the court in an exhibition doubles match for their opponents in Prostejov was Jana Novotna (42), Milos and Sword (47).

"Hank (Hana) chasing me terribly," Lendl sued. All four have shown that tennis forget. "The body remembers it. Move it there is not much, but the hammer is not a problem, " she said Mandlikova. The younger couple Lendl eventually succumbed 6-7.

"I enjoyed it too," beamed Novotná and rushed to the plane to Paris. Today, it waits for French Open final tournament of legends alongside Martina Navratilova." (Google Translation)


Do you think it's funny translation?

Oh, no. I can tell it's much better than my pig English.

Let me thank God for this beautiful moment sharing these photos with all Hana freaks.
Hana, watching you chasing a ball like a little kid is our blissful joy. We wish we can share this moment for all time. Please don't forget that we always love you. ALWAYS.


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