06 July, 2010

We're missing Hana in Wimbledon 2010...

Where is Hana Mandlikova?
Did you see her in any court in the Wimbledon this year?
No, I didn't... She didn't appear as a senior invitation player this year, even Martina and Tracy did. What happened? Any bad thing happened so that she couldn't come play? God... Where is Hana Mandlikova, my superstar? Wimbledon was the only occasion I've been looking forward to seeing her thru media.
Nadal? Serena? Oh, please... NO! We want Hana Mandlikova on the court!

I'm sad, so sad... 2010 Wimbledon truly turned out to be like a nightmare that we couldn't see a sight of Hana Mandlikova! NO! (p_q*) NOOOOOOOOO-!

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