24 June, 2009

What A Heck!!!

posted 5 May, 2009

I got the hugest heck in my life. God, help me.
Since I've decided to change internet provider at home, I got completely busted.
I was told that I have to wait at least another horrible two weeks to access the net. Unaccessible to net!!! It kills totally me. It really does!
However I scream or cry out for this, there is no way that I could win over this, so I came down all the way to the nearest Mcdonald and now I'm in heaven to be able to access Hana Blog, because Mcd has the YahooBB mobile point.
Thanks to Mcdonald! I can remember you always helped me wherever. And Food, or net, you just always provided me with perfect content.
( ̄ー ̄) God, I can't survive without you, honestly.
But remember, I still can't access the network from my computer at home for a while.
What a heck!!!
Yes. I admit I'm the worldest the most helpless internet addict! God...

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