24 June, 2009

Hana Mandlikova Wikipedia!

posted 11 June, 2009

Can you believe this? To tell the truth, I've been extremely disgusted by the fact that there wasn't any image uploaded to Hana Mandlikova Wikipedia. It's really been an disgusting thing for me. No. Actually it's not only for me, it must be a big concern for every and all of Hana's fans!

So I did this, did this ... beautiful thing.
I uploaded (dedicated!) my original photo to Hana's Wikipedia. This picture was taken in Sydney in 1980 (if I remember correctly... It's so long time ago...alomost 30 years ago.)

Isn't it so Hana?! What do you think, huh? I love Hana especially when she's playing with Dunlop Maxplyfort racket and this bandanna. No other tennis athlete looked so cute than she did with them. I hope that Wikipedia common stuff will not ever take this image away. I hope this image stays forever in that sacred page.

Good night.

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