19 February, 2009

19th Feb.! Happy Birthday! Hana! This is your Sweet Sweet 47th!

Happy Happy Birthday, Hana!

On your 47th birthday, I should have made some birthday cake for you. But I don't have oven at home, so I just put a photo cake to cover up.

To my eternal superstar, Hana Mandlikova.
You're the greatest greatest super top hero in my life.
You still rock my world so badly. Nobody could ever replace you.
Be true to yourself and follow the path you believe in.
Who cares, this is your life!
I'm just happy to live on this ugly planet, no matter how ugly it is, because Hana Mandlikova is being here with us. You make me, us, all SO HAPPY!
I hope Liz and Mark will make your birthday wonderful, I know they will... I want to tell them how great Hana Mandlikova was on the court, if the two of them don't listen to their mom. Like this, your mom ran the court like wild wolf, hit the ball like eagle hunting vic, shouted like thundering! She was just kind of full of something, full of super aura.

Hurrah for Hana Mandlikova!
We love you SO MUCH!

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