09 January, 2009

Hana with Dad and Mommy in Early Summer of 85! I Love This Loveliest Smile! Just Love This Angel!

I 've seen so many Hana's photos in my life, but I can say this Hana's smile is no doubt the loveliest one I've seen so far! The pictures were scaned from Sports Illustrated magazine May 1985. When she was with her family, she showed us unbelievably beautiful smile. Angel Smile! Totally innocent! It proves how much she felt cozy being with them, cared about them, loved them than anything else in the world.
Don't you reckon Hana takes after her father (Vilém Mandlík) so much? I know that Hana inherited top athlete genes from this former oliympian. If she was born as a man, she'd be totally as hot as her father. God, If I could have a wish come true, I'd totally want her to marry me (laugh). I wish her both parents are in good health.

And I love her mommy's happy grin (her name is also Hana)... Isn't it lovely? Having had her daughter as a super tennis player, she must have been so proud but had a lot of worries at the same time. I know it so well, because my mom worries me, cares about me, devotes me, even when I'm buried in my work too much to pay any attention to her. She loves me selflessly all the time. That's what the world's mommies are! And I'm sure Hana is doing the same thing to her baby twins.

Hana hugs her nephew, Jan.

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