21 December, 2008

Hana's Aura of Invinciblity's Still Alive and Kicking!

How can I not love this superstar!
I just have no words how to express this super superstar... I can confess that it sure is the hardest thing for me to count just how many times or how much I got inspired by this superstar in my life. Certainly, it is countless! No matter how millions of days or years passed, I'm sure I'd be totally into this superstar my whole life and my next life. I kid you not.

The pictures are found in Propaganda Photo.com, however I couldn't find them anymore when I accessed it yesterday. Maybe they get deleted. These hot photos uploaded here with are now being used as my desktop slideshows. I did find them some months ago this year. Many of them were taken when Hana and Novotna played game in Wimbledon as a curtain-raiser this year. In the court, they're making some funny scenes and laughing and caring for each other while playing. It seems to me like they are much happier and appreciate their recent situation. Just take a look at Hana's beautiful blue eyes and especially her sharp eagle-eyes when she receives and serves! It's so alive and kicking! Makes me deadly HAPPY!!!

As you can see, our Superstar has put on a bit of weight, however Novotna keeps her shape as hot as she used to be. It might be a kind of taboo to say this, but, yes, Hana's got a huge plumpy body which might makes you hard to believe
that this woman had the most graceful and hottest athlete figure ever in this world. Her appearance changed a lot. Much more than that of Evert and Navratilova are now (Oh, how they keep their shape in so good... I wanna know!). It seems obvious to me that Hana prefers to be a "mother" than to be a tennis star.

But no matter how much weight she's put on, no matter how many times she changed her hair color into blond which I don't think it really suits her...(my apologies to all other Hana fans!), I just can't stop adoring this superstar my whole life. I just can't stop thinking of her everyday life and wishing her happiness. If we just remember all these beautiful games she showed us in that glory days... God, I can declare to the whole world that I totally and completely love this superstar (ofcourse with her cute brown hair !!!). And I'm sure there're thousands of her fans do think as I do.

Yes! Hana Mandlikova is noncomparable and nonreplaceable.
She is our eternity! No objection!

Photos : by David Rawcliffe, Photoshelter

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