01 December, 2008

An Awesome Hana Mandlikova Autograph! - She Looks Super Cute With Her Winning Trophy.

I purchased this awesome autograph on an auction site last month. A Portuguese guy who's collecting celebrity autographs of all kinds sold it to me. This is very nice shopping! I was so happy with the moment I won this beauty.

I have no idea when this picture was taken and signed on. Don't you think that our Hana looks super super cute! with her winnig trophy? Don't you think that she looks just full of self-assurance and relaxed smile which make her more attractive this moment? And of course she is the cutest tennis player in ellesse than anyone else in the world! No??? Excuse me! What did you just say? There is more hot girlie girlie, like Sharapova? Ana? or Daniera?
You're kidding... Don't you dare try to push my button and make me freak out! I can declare to the whole world that no one can ever be comparable to Hana. Hana was, is, and will be, the super best tennis hottie on this crazy planet earth! You got it?

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