21 November, 2008

Jeff Rouse Has Just Sent to Me the ever KOOLEST Pics of Hana!

Jeff Rouse (South Jordan, USA) has just sent to me some wonderful pictures through e-mail. I never knew him before, but Jeff visited my blog and kindly enough to give me the pics he had with Hana. He said that Hana was a fabulous tennis player, and he had a pleasure of hitting practice with her in 1988.

Oh, my God! I never had a word from anybody who had been with Hana Mandlikova so closely, so it really was my hugest excitement to receive his mail! What he did for me is just amazing! and the pictures are definately worth watching for old crazy Hana fans. They are indeed beautiful!

I never had a chance to meet face-to-face with Hana Mandlikova. Not a once!
However she made some visits to Japan in her playing days, I've never seen her from a distance or met Hana... And I don't think I will make it in the future. It totally kills me...
But I can say that I'm able to meet her through this beautiful way like Jeff offered to me - through pictures or the moment that someone shared with Hana herself! I'm SO grateful to my friend doing this for me. Thank you so much, Jeff!

And I'm dying to hear more of our superstar Hana Mandlikova now and then from anybody, any time, so any information, any pictures will be just utterly welcomed by me. Please mail me if you have some special story or pictures with her. hana_mandlikova_freak72-tennisfan@yahoo.co.jp

You can brag about spending time with or talking with Hana Mandlikova to me as much as you like. Don't worry about me. I'll be okay. I'd be only jealous to death (^_^). Let's share fond memories of Hana Mandlikova together, but we have to make sure not to go too far because we don't want to intrude into her private life.

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