26 October, 2008

Hana Pulls Her Face Like a Child in 86 Wimbledon Single Final!

Hana pulled her face like a little child after she was defeated by Martina Navratilova 7-6, 6-3, in 86 Wimbledon Single Final. And I think this face is cute! than any angel. Don't get Hana wrong, she celebrated Martina's winnning from the bottom of her heart. Hana always pays a huge respect to this tennis champion Martina.
Then why she pulled her face like this? It is just because she didn't wanna lose any match since she's born as athlete. And Wimbledon was the only major slam title that she couldn't get through in her tennis life. No wonder Hana desparately wanted it. And after this, she never came back to Wimbledon Final, though she said she would at the interview. It totaly killed me...

I'm positive that this senior male interviewer with beard was obviously Hana's fan. He tried to be closer to Hana as much as he could. Look at his face. It's only 2 inches far from Hana's nose. And I don't like his blatant attempt at all!!! Hmmmmmm~

Martina, you're the champion of the champions!

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