15 August, 2008

MuffinyMaid in Photobucket Take You To Wonderland of 80s Tennis!

Ahoj! Jak se máte? (=Hello. How are you?)
(See? I'm taking baby steps on my Czech. Don't laugh at me.)
Joking aside, I found a KOOL photo hosting site. Just go visit MuffinyMaid collections in Photobucket! S/he is collecting huge photos and articles (885 images, 1 remix, 6 slideshows) on tennis stars, not only Hana Mandlikova but also Andrea Jaeger, Tracy Austin, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, etc... Oh, no doubt. Hana is the hottest!

I think Muffiny is quite into AJ... As for AJ, I too pay my heartfelt respects to her decision especially when she's started dedicating her second life as a nun to children in need. As she's once a tennis star, her action definately had a huge voice to the world. Yes, God had a plan for her and she gratefully accepted it. I think I should follow the cue of AJ (It doesn't mean that I'll be sister etsuko!). SOOOO Beautiful AJ. I think I would need 5 more pages to praise her to the skies.

Anyway, Muffiny's collections are just HUGE! Amaging! It must have taken long time to collect them all. My compliments to Muffiny. You can sign in Photobucket and share the photos with this guy. Mine? Needless to say. There are some collections of mine on Hana, but only a few...(laugh) Don't count on me.


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