16 July, 2008

Hana in Czech TV Show (7/7/2005)

Gosh! I was really knocked out. Today, I reached a beautiful web site where Hana Mandlikova appeared in a show as a guest. It was broadcasted by Czech TV on 7, 7, 2006, and after that they put it on internet as an archive to let more people see (how thoughtful!).

The show is quite fascinating, because we hardly can see how Hana's doing and thinking, or how she looks like after her retirement for coaching. It's one of the RARE videos of her that we can see so far. Hana looked really good in shape. Even I didn't understand what they talking about in Czech, I definately could feel that she enjoyed her life much more than we thought. She is still so cool and hot! Amazing!!! It makes me so HAPPY. Thank you very very much, České Televize !!! You did a great deal! I'm proud of ya.


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