21 July, 2008

At the Single Final of '80 Australian Open - Hana Was A Dinamite!

Hana defeated Wendy Turnbull in Australian Open Final in '80. This young 17-year-old girl from Czechoslovakia was literally a lethal weapon to Aussie-born player, Wendy. Wendy is a well-mannered player, I really liked watching her play actually.
Oh, I remember that I stuck to TV and screamed out at every competitive scene until the match had finished. So my brother did. He was also a huge of tennis who was mad about this hottest rockstar-like tennis legend from Argentina, called Guillermo Vilas.
Anyway, I thought that Hana was like a big fat wild bear, because young Hana was so bursting with youthful, so outpouring of energy. She seemed huge and so umcomparable to anyone. I could feel some kind of instinction that I would be totally captivated by this superstar for whole my life. And she wonderfully did it!

At the sencond game of 2nd set, she slipped down on the lawn just after trying to hitting it back. At the very moment, she didn't know what happened to her. She just sat on the lawn blankly for a moment, and then started giving a shame-faced laughing at Wendy. Wendy also smiled back at Hana. The gallery was all clapping and cheering to this hilarious moment. It was one of the most touching scenes in this match.

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